Objects of the charity

  1. To benefit the inhabitants of King’s Lynn and to advance education by:
    1. the establishment and maintenance of a collection of documents, records and recordings illustrating as completely as reasonably practicable the past, contemporary and developing history of King’s Lynn by:
    2. making, acquiring, indexing, storing and maintaining (by whatever means) records of any or every aspect of King’s Lynn’s geology, prehistory and history (such records to include without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, books, photographs, diaries, letters, property deeds and documents, computerised records, maps and films).
    3. making, acquiring, indexing, storing and maintaining (by whatever means) audio and visual recordings of the sounds and sights of contemporary and developing King’s Lynn.
    4. commencing and advancing the compilation (as such compilation is from time to time facilitated by technological developments) of a comprehensive street plan of King’s Lynn until the modern industrial age and thereafter
    5. making such collection available (by whatsoever means and at such reasonable charges, if any, as the Trustees from time to time think fit) for public use by educational institutions and by persons concerned with research (whether now or in the future)
  2. Such charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of King’s Lynn as the Trustees shall think fit.